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Needed that material yesterday?!?  

We’ve all been there before, but didn’t know Bob across town has it on his back lot which will eventually end up as scrap.  Maximize the value of your unneeded, useable material & solid drop boneyard!

Don’t be a Bob, Get in the WinWin Game for American Manufacturing!

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Connect with us and we will get you listed as a VERIFIED SELLER.

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Step One

Let us know about your shop! ISO Certified or just a "getting things done" kind of shop? We strive to ensure the community has confidence in who they are doing business with.

Step Two

Take pics of your material with weight, dimensions & provide supporting certifications on chemistry and mechanicals!

"You never know what the shop across town, the state or the country is looking for!"

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Metal Exchange USA will handle the rest!


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Metal Exchange USA coordinates shipping.

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Maximize the Value of your Unneeded, USEABLE Material & Solid Drops


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What you should know

  1. Click on the Contact Us button and we will get you verified as partner of the Metal Exchange USA Team.
  2. Once verified, we will provide you with an online form link to submit items for sale, characteristics, images & MTR's.
  3. Metal Exchange USA will review and then publish your listing to the website, posted anonymously & regionally.
  4. Interested buyers will be verified by Metal Exchange USA.
  5. Metal Exchange USA will coordinate all communication, deal completion and shipping.

No - Metal Exchange USA deals with all prospective buyers to ensure they are a legit operation and will share all pertinent material information.  America needs you producing, not wasting your time wasted with the tire kickers!

Yes - At interested buyers expense.   Seller will be compensated for providing a testing coupon to a 3rd party validator. 

Negotiated Items:  Given that the seller will be receiving above market scrap value for their item, or marketing a premium item and that the buyer is receiving, in most cases, material below new market pricing and in a timely manner, the fees will be built into the agreed upon pricing.

Flat Rate Listings:  fees will be in the 7-13% range, relative to complexity of deal and verification of item listed.

Metal Exchange USA is based in Houston, TX and started after over a decade of working in the upstream oil & gas manufacturing industry. 

The concept spawned after having supply chain delays for basic materials and longer lead times from mills which put a hinderance on manufacturing normal production and the ability to quote ‘hot jobs’, knowing the material was nowhere to be found on a shelf.  While at the same time, sending thousands of lbs. of solid drops, unusable to our manufacturing needs, to the current conventional option, The Scrap Man.  

The spirit is to build a win-win community of forges, manufacturers & fabricators to sell solid material they have no use for, to someone who may have the need under new market value for the buyer and above scrap metal pricing for the seller.  You never know what the guy down the street, across town or the country is looking for!

The goal is to capture this lost value for America’s makers with the hope of benefiting US and Canadian manufacturing as we are, and should be, supporting & reshoring our supply chain.

…And keep in mind every manufacturing job supports 4 additional jobs in the community.

Buy American & we look forward to being of service to you!

Fairwinds and following seas,

Jesse Lee

All forms of payment are accepted: Credit Card, ACH, Wire Transfer, Check - just realtive to how fast you want it.

Escrow: Funds for higher value items will placed in escrow till buyer confirms satisfaction with the material received.

Invoices will be generated to the buyer with payment options via Quickbooks once shipping option is selected

Frost Bank of Texas

Routing #: 114000093


Credit Card & ACH payments will reflect a 3.2% premium above the agreed upon price.


Deal to Doorstep!

Shipping will be coordinated by Metal Exchange USA. 

Items less than 140lbs, and package dimensions under 160 inches (L + H + W) can be shipped via UPS i.e. smaller pieces, tooling, etc.

Metal Exchange USA partners with World Wide Express for freight shipments.  Appropriate insurance coverages can be added as deemed necessary.


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